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  • Songhong construction development and import – export joint stock company.

    is a member unit of Red River Corporation-Ministry of construction.

    English trade name: Songhong construction development and import – export joint stock company.

    English abbreviation name: SHODEX.,JSC

    Address: 245 Tam Trinh Street, Hoang Van Thu ward, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi city.

    Phone number: 04-36340 442

    Fax: 04-36336648

    Email: xnksh@hn.vnn.vn       info@shodex.com.vn

    Website: http://shodex.com.vn







    Company (SHODEX., JSC) was established formerly Branch of Construction and Supply commodities in Hanoi (under Decision of establishment No. 316/QD-TCT-HDQT on September 20, 1999 of Board of Directors of Songhong Construction Corporation , now called Songhong Corporation). Up to now, it is ten years of operation. The decision of establishing company was announced in September of 2004. On January 19th, 2006, it was transformed into a joint stock company

    Since its establishment, the company has constantly developed in terms of quantity, quality, scale and scope of operations.

    The main business areas of the company:

    + Execute the construction and installation of equipments for civil, industry, traffic, irrigation, post offices, infrastructure foundation; execute the construction and installation of high and low voltage line and power transformer stations.

    + Consult investment, construction management, and execution of construction of water supply and sewer system, civil works, industry, traffic, irrigation, hydroelectric power, technical infrastructure, transmission lines and transformer stations (Excluding project design services).

    + Construction and installation of specialized equipment for water supply, processing and installation equipment in industry, irrigation, transport and civil;

    + Construction and installation of specialized equipment for water supply, processing and installation equipments in industry, irrigation, transport and civil;

    + Investment, trade of house and real estate

    + Trade of offices for lease, civil house, hotels, restaurants, traveling tourism and other travel services;

    + Trade of consumer goods services, trade centers;

    + Trade and manufacture of materials, equipment, construction materials, concrete

    + Trade and manufacture of steels;

    + Scrape lakes, canals, river ports and seaports, level to create flat surface;

    + Trade of coal, fuel, gas, transportation, loading and unloading;

    + Mine and process of stones, agricultural and industrial pruducts and foods, civil and industrial wooden furniture and, types of iron ore serving in making steel; manufacture and install machineries, steel electrical equipments.

    + Repair types of maritime means of transport.

    + Import and export goods that the company sell.

    + Export and import of chemicals permitted by the State;

    + Export and import machineries and equipments in fields of telecommunications and information technology;

    + On science and technology: research on science and technology application; Technology transfer in the fields of construction materials, IT and automation; Invest, construct and test works and products having technology application; cooperate with domestic and foreign units to develop science and technology.

    + Trade and manufacture of other business sectors under the provisions of law


    * Typical Works and products:


    With the growth and maturation of the company, during recent years, the company has achieved appreciated achievements as following:

    * In the field of construction:

    Construction of civil and industrial works:

    - The operator of Project Boards – Civil engineering Construction Corporation No. I – Bo De – Gia lam –Ha Noi

    - Steering Committee’s house and laboratory of MD1, MD2 projects in Bac Lieu, Soc Trang; KSTV camp zone and laboratory of NR2 project – Kingdom of Cambodia;

    - Workhouses, High technical skill classes – Ha Noi college of Art;

    - Eastern drainage system – Xo Viet Nghe Tinh road – Vih city;

    - Specialized theory classes and ancillary items of Hoa Binh Teachers Training college.

    - Training center of International Labor Export Work ;

    - Luong Son district Center for Continuing Education – Hoa Binh;

    - Lao Bao border gate work, Quoc Muon, Quang Trị Custom.

    - National Sports Training Center.

    - Phu Tho Nursing and rehabilitation Hospital

    - Sam Son Ethnic pre-University – Thanh Hoa.

    - Family Dao Office building – 16 Lieu Giai – Ha Noi

    - Dormitory of Huu Nghi 80high school

    - Tin Thanh Senior flexible packaging print coat manufacturer – Bac Ninh

    - Multifunctional house + Garden of Multifunctional house – Thai Nguyen College of Economic and Technology

    - Dormitory of Thai Nguyen College of economic.

    - Canteen of Ha Tay University of Sports and Physical Education.

    - Hoa Sen Kindergartens under Central college of teacher training.

    - Supply and install mobile partitions – Giai Phong Film Studio – Ho Chi Minh city

    - HCM city Music Conservatory

    - Printing House of Sai Gon Giai Phong Newspaper – Ho Chi Minh city

    - Management road – Administrator – Ben Chau – Quang Ninh

    - District 6 Treasury – Ho Chi Minh city…

    * In the field of investment:

    - Invest in and  build 5 floor- apartment building for sale to officers of Ha Noi Music Conservatory.

    - Invest in and build export goods and construction material plant – Bac Ninh;

    - Investment in and build the Company’s head office (No. 245 Nguyen Tam Trinh – Hoang Mai – Ha Noi)

    - Invest in and build trade centre and office for lease on Le Van Luong road – Thanh Xuan – Ha Noi.

    * In the field of import – export :

    - Import construction equipments like bulldozers, excavators, bullclams, motor graders, slot drills, air compressors

    - Imports of all kinds of Granite stones, motorbike and automobile tires … both commission and genuine

    - Import electronic goods, household goods, such as multifunctional cooking pots,…

    - Export black tea to the European market.

    * In the field of commercial trading and manufacturing.

    - Process and trade exported black tea…

    - Manufacturing and trading of plastic doors, aluminum doors, iron doors … (FULLHOUSE brand).

    - Wholesale and retail sales of household appliances such as multifunctional cooking pots … (SHODEX brand)


    * In conclusion :  Experiencing 10 years of trading and manufacturing activities in the field of Construction-Investment, Import – export and Trade; with team of skillful and experienced officers, engineers and workers, the company has been built and developed both in width and depth;

    In the current stage, the world economy after crisis is gradually recovered. To be shared, created success in long-term development path, the Company desires to be supported and associate with domestic and foreign units across all business fields to keep SHODEX company growing steadily.



    Songhong construction development and import – export joint stock company.

    -          Address: No. 245 Nguyen Tam Trinh street, Hoang Van Thu ward, Hoang Mai district, Ha Noi.

    -         Tel : 04-36340 442              Fax :  04-36336 648

    -         Email: xnksh@hn.vnn.vn info@shodex.com.vn


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